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Hi everybody, my name is Mark Birkett. I was turned on to this site by my daughters boyfriend Jase Adams (current member). I am 49 year old tile contractor (trade) with very expensive hobbies. I have a 75 gal. tank with overflow, black wood stand & canopy, 40 gal sump/fuge, octopus protein skimmer, Pacific Coast Imports chiller, Pacific Marine calcium reactor /co2, P.M. media chamber, titanium heater /digital controller. Lighting now is two 400 watt metal halides, 1 vho super actinic, 1 cf blue actinic. I have a 8 bulb t5 (5 10k/ 3 actinic that I am going to put into this system. I have been in this hobby for a couple of months and obtained everything I own from a guy that quit the hobby. I don't know very much about the hobby but am learning fast. I have a R/O water system and found that healthy water = healthy livestock. Inside the tank. 100 pounds of live sand, 120+ pounds of live rock, some corals, zoos, mushrooms. Fish 1 lg. hippo tang, 1 lg. lavender tang, 1 lg. maroon clown. 1 sm. angel. 1 sm. blue cromis 1yellow goby. 2 fire shrimp,1 peppermint shrimp. 2 crabs. 1 clam. many snails & hermit crabs for good housekeeping. I also find myself like most addicted fools, find that my tank is over crowded and can't put much more into it, so will want to get a larger system so I can spend alot more money. I wil post Pics of my setup so everybody can see, and am looking foreward to any advice to help with my new obsession. Thanks Mark

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Mark failed to mention that he got his entire setup through a trade for a nice camera... talk about a good deal. Then I guess since he got such a badass deal, this guy GAVE me his previous 50 Gallon setup... I'm thinking that a tank all set up and reef ready is pretty [language filter] good christmas present...

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