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Special Thanks to Cuttlefish and the sponsors !

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Special thanks to all the sponsors who have donated raffles! I personally take notice of companies so quick and willing to donate to a good cause !


All proceeds go to the Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) 

So even if you don’t win your money is going to a great cause to help victims and their families .

Special thanks to

Cuttlefish aka Jeff- not only has he been generous with his group buys . He is donating a gift certificate and reached out to all these companies 


Thanks to the following companies :


Sea Dwelling

Aquatic Life 


Dr. Tim’s 



Sea and Reef

Aqua Illumination 


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9 minutes ago, Optimusprime3605 said:

Yes, thank you to all the sponsors and especially to Jeff at CnC! Thank you for the amazing corals for the group buys! I'm pretty sure no one else can claim what you did, hundo frags for $10, insane! That's gonna be hard to top!

Again, thank you, Jeff!

Sent from Atlantis 🤙

I keep telling him his new slogan should be home of the high end ten dollar frag !

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Just now, Gil&Fin said:

Hey back off!  $10 frags are MY business model!  😂

And while we're talking about it, I will be there with hundreds of $10 frags today.  I will post pics in a separate thread.

Hijacking the thank you thread I see !:clap:😂


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