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Looking for large diameter pvc


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Hi all!

im looking for a couple pieces of large diameter pipe, anyone have any of these left they would like to let with:

-12” diameter sched 40 pvc 60” length

-6” diameter sched 40 pvc 1 foot length

-6” diameter clear pvc 1’ length

-4” diameter clear pvc 1’ length

-12” to 6” coupler

-6” union 


im thinking of building a serious protein skimmer.

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Lol. YEah... I noticed as you go up in diameter the prices increase exponentially.   


Looking at at the prices it looks like I’ll be able to build this 12” diameter by 5’ tall slimmer for a little under $1000 including the pump.  


But if there’s any chance for less expensively I’m always down for that!


mesamech what do you do for a living?


thanks all for helping with this!

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I don't know where you're located but there's a company in Cornelius called HP Pipe And Supply that has their yard full of this kind of stuff!! I don't know if they sell it but it couldn't hurt to ask right? I would bet they have everything you're looking for. They could very well have scraps. I drive by it all the time, it's near my work. I don't know anything about this stuff but they most definitely have large and very large diameter PVC.


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I've never heard of antimicrobial on pvc or cpvc piping before; steel piping yes, plastic piping no. 

Would you like this piece of pipe? Our shop is in Vancouver or I'm going to the cinco de mayo get together at CNC.

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