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FS: Complete 55 Gallon Setup $150


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Complete 55 gallon setup. 

55 gallon tank and stand.  Drilled with overflow and returns. 

20L sump with Jebao DC4000 return pump. 

RW4 Power head.

Two Finnex 100W heaters with InkBird controller.

MC2Bridge LEDs and 4 bulb T5

~50 pounds of rock and one big chunk of Pukani

1 block of Marinepure

Just needs a skimmer and ATO and you're golden.

I'll throw in the DIY controller with dosing pumps as well. (you'll have to reprogram it for your own settings)


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1 hour ago, youcallmenny said:

Was this your main tank?

Yes. Moved what I could without transferring any of the aptasia or majano to a 40B setup. Now I can do the floors and set up the 150 or 120 or both. 😃

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