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I am back!


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Hey all,

Well it has been a long time. I used to be very active here, a number of years back, when I had a 120 gallon tank. I had to get rid of that tank due to having a child spend an extended amount of time in the hospital. Well a bunch of years later and I am back at the point where I can get a tank going again. I just picked up a nice used 23 gallon acrylic. In the past I met a lot of cool people here, shared a lot of good info and made a lot of trades with folks. Look forward to learning what has changed in reefkeeping over the last 7 or 8 years.


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Welcome back. Is that a MH light on that tank?

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Yes that single end 250 watt MH is what came with the tank but it looks like LEDs have taken over the scene while I have been gone so I am starting my research on an LED fixture.

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Welcome back!  Many of us here have likewise had a significant time out and just getting back into the game.  Indeed, lots of changes around lighting, wave makers, automation etc. - have fun catching up on all the new tech.  Looking forward to seeing how the new tank turns out.  BTW - MH can still be killer as long as you can deal with the heat 😀

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