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Mesamech 65gal Tank


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After collecting pieces and parts for the last two months, I think I'm ready to start building my tank.  I picked up a 65 gallon tall that is predrilled at the bottom so I'm going that route with drains. I just received my new sump that's a 20 inch cube and since the cabinet on my stand is only 18" wide, I have some modifications to do.



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I think a mixed reef, my wife likes the movement of softies in  the current, I like the sticks.  I had T5's on my previous tanks with pretty good success. Right now I have a Chinese black box LED 😕 that I want to upgrade. I'm looking at AI hybrids down the road a bit before the SPS.

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3 hours ago, Mesamech said:

Dang pump was seized 😡 after the vinegar bath for the pump and lots of scrubbing finally got water running.😐  Time to fix leaks.



Nice job fixing the seize!

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Im using a 300w viparspectra light frm amazon currently set at 75% on the blue channel and 55% on the white channel. I started out at 40% evenly and have been slowly creeping it up over the past 5 months. And ya ive totally over stocked it with the lil acros in this closed system, gotta have somethin to suck up those nitrates lol.

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Live rock, live sand, and Brightwell MicroBacter 7.

1 hour ago, Hercules said:

Ooh yeah, looking great! Is that an Apex module i see in the sump? Also, did you use some bacteria seed or just the live rock to help cycle your tank.

Yes it is an Apex, my 1st controller in a tank, I love it.

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