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skimmer choices


skimmer choices  

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Please help me out by giving me your personal experiences and /or preferences with these skimmers.


I'm planning on starting to build a new tank with a total water volume of roughly 300 gallons, (after subtracting LR displacement and such).


Heres what I have looked at so far:

1- Euro-Reef RC250 (+/- 250g) $999.00


2- Deltec APF600 (+/- 250g) $885.00


3- Deltec AP701 (+/- 300g) $1133.00


4- ASM G4X (+/-450g) $440.00


5- Octopus Recirc. triple pump NW 300 (+/- 300g) $600.00


6- PM Bullet 3 (+/- 400g) $500.00




If you have a different opinon/model for me to look at let me know. Or post a link to it. Please give your $.02!!!


Thanks Mike

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I don't think a Deltec APF600 could handle a 300g system' date=' isn't that powered by a single aquabee?[/quote']


I most likely will be using 2 skimmers as I have one and will add other as I go...... unless I opt for 1 larger one. As of now not sure which way I'm going.

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I'm running a PM Bullet 3 with a genx 40. Can't think of any reason why I would change to another setup. My only recommendation would be to change out the gate valve to a standpipe for level control and to make sure you have a waste collection bottle. This skimmer/pump combination can pump many gallons of water on to your floor if not set up optimally.

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I looked at those choices and many more... I ended up purchasing the Coral view Octopus Triple Recirc Skimmer the TDNW-300. The specs are amazing (12"diameter with 3 needle wheel pumps) the pumps do not draw a lot of power. The height is the same (or very close) to the Bubble King (supposedly the best of the best). The specs I have seen show it being rated for 800 Gal, they were backordered and I just received mine. I have not set it up, there is a guy selling a barely used one for $650. Yes the Deltec is amazing, but about twice the price and I am not sure how much better. I just did a simple wet neck mod on mine, another benefit of a less expensive skimmer. This should now out perform the other skimmers available. The construction was great, cell cast not extruded acrylic. Hope that helps.

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