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Fish that eats amphipods


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I need a recommendation for a fish that eats amphipods. My girlfriend's 20 is overwhelmed with them. She has a mystery wrasse already. I'd give her my possum that eats everything but, yah, no. Is there another fish that works well for this size tank? She has 2 larger breeding clowns, photon clowns I think, from CNC. 1 Midas blenny. She also has shrimp and snails that we like.

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I got two dragonface pipefish to eat the red bugs (micro amphipods) that are attacking my acroporas.  These pipefish feed exclusively on live copepods and amphipods.  They are best kept in pairs and they tend to spend all day side by side hunting pods. They are visual hunters so they can only feed when the lights are on.

The only problem is that if they run out of pods they will starve.


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