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Bubble Blaster 3000 Skimmer Adapter For SRO XP 3000


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My trusty SRO XP3000 recently had a failure at the Bubble Blaster Pump after a good 5 years of service. The volute cover broke, which required ordering a new one from CoralVue.

25 bucks, and 20 shipping later...

The new cover was a perfect match except where it connected to the skimmer. The manufacturer in this version had glued a metric threaded fitting on where the slip fitting should go.  This in no way would fit my skimmer.

So I fired up CAD and the 3d printer and built an adapter.

This part adapts from the metric 50mm threads to the SRO slip fitting allowing the spendy replacement to be used.

Next up, printing a new volute cover! So overpriced....



I put it out on thingiverse in case anyone else has this happen





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1 hour ago, albertareef said:

This is where I see the value of home 3D printing for people like me who like to keep out of date gear running - reminds me I have a list of pet projects to run by you @TheClark 😄

Seems like there are many historical events happening in our lifetime.  Open source + 3d printing is going to be huge in the physical world, like it was in the software world.  Gee all this in one lifetime...

Ya we can make some stuff, would be glad to give it a shot :)



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