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Prime AI bad luck


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I came home from work today and decided to give my betta an evening meal. So, I turned around to gave some feed by my 92 gal reef tank. To my horror, the lights were out and nothing was no. Then I noticed that one of my Prime AI was in the water. Apparently the flex arm holding the light broke for some reason. I have not touch the light for over two months. My fishes did not get electrocuted but the temperature  dropped 3 degree. I quickly unplugged the lights and reset the GFCI (thank you GFCI). I am probably out two dollars. I am going to call AI tomorrow to see if they can do something for me. Has this happen to anyone?

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1 hour ago, eclipse522 said:

I hope I rinsed it out enough. Unfortunately, it was plugged in when it went in. The GFCI saved my fishes, so it may have saved the light. I am still waiting for it to dry out to see if it works.

While Water as mentioned itself doesn't hurt electronics, it simply creates pathways for "Shorts" when current is running through, it's not good to leave and simply let dry. Not all components within that fixture are stainless steel and many cheaper components have the potential to rust and the fixture then could become useless, not to mention how long are you thinking its going to dry? Whatever your thinking is a guess and not for certain. With the fixture hitting water Warranty is now Voided, I would dissemble that fixture and completely dry the board and components ensuring it is dry before powering it back on or using for that matter. 

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or use a hair dryer for awhile...

most decent lights (like the AI prime) or not going to have much uncoated metal in them as they are mounted above a saltwater tank. so mostly aluminum and tin and copper.

that salt though.. yikes! I ran mine under fresh water for 3-4 minutes.

my money is on that it will work.

put a fan blowing on it.

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For future reference RO/DI is ideal for rinsing electronic type stuff that may have taken an unexpected dip in the tank.  It is pretty much non-conductive and will readily consume all of the ions from the saltwater.  You can also use the spray electronics cleaner like that from CRC.

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