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NEW 65 gal Aqueon 65 glass aquarium, stand, light, etc - $250


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I'm going to post this on Let-go and Offer-up tomorrow, but I thought I'd let you guys have first crack at it.


I'm selling a brand new Aqueon 65 saltwater aquarium that come with a built in overflow in the back, and a derson stand pipe.

It comes with a stand, sump, skimmer, and light.

I'm actually breaking down a full 65gal because I "upgraded" to a Red Sea nano so, it comes with everything you need to have an awesome aquarium setup like I did for 5 years.

It comes with:

-Aqueon 65gal glass aquarium with Megaflow overflow (still need to be installed)

-Redwood stand

-Sump (may want to be replaced)

-Eschopps in sump skimmer

-Light fixture that houses 2 HQI 250W Metal Halide 20k's and 6 ATI mostly actinic T5's.Comes with 25 extra bulbs, most new ATI T5's

-3 Hydor power heads

-7 clean filter socks

-Aqueon main pump (comes with extra pumps of varying sizes)

-Sump light and Chaeto light

-Auto top-off float valve


-too many extras to list





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