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any fishermen here


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Going to be jetty fishing for the first time at barview jetty this weekend. Im usually just fishing steelhead and trout so my gears too light. im looking if someone can be kind enough to lend me a rod i can use before i invest in one. Just to be sure i actually like the dangerous rocks lol. I can trade for a nice frag also. im guessing something in the 9' range. medium/ heavy.... A salmon rod could prolly even work with 25-30 lb test. Spinning reel preferred as i suck at baitcasters lol. Thanks in advance! Someones gonna want a free frag right?! Located in Tigard. 

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1 hour ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

real men use bait casters.

spinning reels are for bass fisherman.

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Thanks for the advice! I’m relatively new here but fish on and off all my life. I’ve only had luck here with spinning reels for steelhead. I do use baitcasters saltwater fishing but usually with heavy tackle. Caught a ton of rockfish and some nice sized lingcod on baitcasters. I feel with the finicky steelhead here, I get better luck with spinning reels and super light tackle . Steelhead is what I most fish for. I would greatly appreciate any advice from you for steelhead fishing with baitcasters in the PNW!! I never fished for bass also 

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54 minutes ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

steelhead are very very very difficult to catch.   If you really want to catch steelhead I would invest in a very high quality rod that is both sensitive and strong.  They have the SOFTEST bite..the just nibble the shrimp off my hook.  



Thanks! I went out about 30 times by myself on the clack and sandy and Only got 1. Used a ML rod with 15 lb braid to a 8lb fluorocarbon leader. Got em with a single bead 😬. Only about 30” and 15lbs. After that accomplishment I now stick to rockfish/ lingcod on a boat 😝. I respect the guys with the patience for steelheading. 

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