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For sale: 4-5 inch Indian Black trigger


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Will post a picture soon, $100

He will complete copper quarantine on September 4th. There’s nothing wrong with him, it’s just the vendor sent me the wrong fish (I wanted a hawaiin black triggerfish). Still a beautiful fish, but not on my intended stocking list. Going rate for these at this size is $120 and up, but I just honestly want more room already.

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17 hours ago, Deuce00 said:

Is there a difference between the Indian black and the Hawaiian black trigger besides where they are collected?  

They are in fact, different species, melichtys indicus and melichtys niger respectively, with different coloration, the indicus has thin gold looking lines on its black body, and when stressed can change into a pale brown color. Its tail is a waxing crescent with a white band at the end.

The melichtys niger has shiny blue spots mixed into its body with what looks like a yellowish reddish blush near its face. Its tail is a waning crescent like the niger trigger’s tail, and is fully black.

Here is my fish.



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