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My first anemone


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Today I picked up a beautiful bubble tip anemone from @CuttleFishandCoral.  In preparation I was sure to add protective covers to my WAV and Gyre powerheads to avoid any accidents.  For the WAV I used a foam cover designed for a MP40, but it fits fine.  For the Gyre FX230 I ordered mesh covers from CoralVue.  Since you need to actually disassemble the Gyre to be able to install the cover, you definitely don't want a foam version because they would get clogged within a day or two, so it would be a pain to change them frequently.


I placed the anemone on a prominent rock near the front of the tank and so far it seems happy with that spot.  The clowns have looked at it a couple times, but haven't tried going in yet.  Hopefully they will figure out that this should be their new home...


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