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Looking for anemones! What you got??


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I’ve decided to take my tank in a Anemone dominated direction. So I’m looking for long tentacle, bubble tip, carpet, seabae, Ritteri, maximinis, everything!

I’ll be home in a few days and I’m hoping to line up some trades or buys in the next couple weeks. I’ve got tons of zoas, and some lps for trade. Mix of high to low end. Or I’ve got cash :)


Also, here are some picture because who doesn’t like coral pictures and my post would be boring without them lol




Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....

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42 minutes ago, youcallmenny said:

I'm starting to think the nem photo topic got shorted here last month... 😂

On a seperate note, why do you never see white/green BTA's any more?  

I would love to trade a rainbow BTA for a green one if anyone has some out there.

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