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  1. I use one of my buttons for skimmer maintenance. It shuts off for 8 minutes which gives me more than enough time to remove, wash out the cup and reinstall.
  2. Could something be blocking the downpipe? Take a look in the overflow.
  3. Following along. I just ordered an Eb4 when I really only needed an extra outlet. Great job.
  4. You’re not kidding. I ordered 2 for $150!
  5. I’ve ordered from them a few times now and their packaging is fantastic. It comes well insulated and is labeled for quick delivery.
  6. I’m lookin at getting the 170 as a softy tank. Yours is coming alone nicely.
  7. Nice. I keep leaning towards getting a 3D printer, especially for making things for this hobby.
  8. They are nice. I have them ramped down right now since there are just 6 Chromis in there. Once I start putting in some sps, I'll crank them up. I'm starting to get some diatoms now so I'll cut down on the light hours. I'm thinking of putting a matching floating canopy around them to block out some of the light bleed over.
  9. Hello. I've recently gotten back into the hobby after a 2 year break after moving back to CA. I picked up a new RS 750 XXL Deluxe package and have been cycling it for about a month now. I hope to pick up some more useful information from you guys and try to help out those who are just starting.
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