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Greetings from Kelso!


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This really looks like a great forum with lots of great info!

I'm currently running a FOWLR tank but ready to start with corals. So, at the moment, I'm doing plenty of research before even attempting this. So that's where all of you come in:) Currently cleaning and restoring a BioCube 14, which will be my main tank.




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Welcome!  You are indeed lucky since, as Emerald notes, there is a group of very experienced and successful reef keepers pretty close to you.  Lots of great advice and tips here in the forum including quite a few people who have maintained small tanks.  Good luck getting things off the ground - maybe start a build thread when you are ready.

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Thanks to all who replied! It's great to know that there are some reef keepers close to me. Since I'm just starting with a reef, I will probably be visiting these forums regularly:)



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