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What do you think did this?


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Wondering if I caused a new problem trying to fix bubble algea....got a emerald crabs....do you think they are doing this to my poor LPS?

I also thought I needed more clean up crew and got some star fish....thought they would be fun....are they destructive?  Didnt read bad info on the liveaquaria info page....but now...reading some questioning things...

Changed flow as well....got second gyre pump...so many variables trying to make things better and get stable but not sure if doing harmful things...still such a newbie..

Anyway, poor coral ripped down to the skeleton....will they survive?



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Hard to say, so many things can cause that.  However, often problems come right after some sort of a change too.  

I do see allot of sand on the skeleton, sand can irritate these corals.  Lift it up higher if possible in the sand bed and make sure it is in medium to lower indirect flow.  

For what its worth, there are some things to try.  Best of luck!

Also, you can attach images directly, no need to put them inside a PDF file.  Easier for people to see!

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