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What fish should I add?


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Trying to figure out the next fish additions to my mixed reef tank (Zoos, LPS and starting with some SPS frags).  The tank is a red sea 750XXL and I have about 1000L of total system water volume.  core system/rock has been up for going on two years but the display was just swapped.

Current stock:

  • Tangs: Powder blue, purple, whitetail bristletooth, blond naso, (just traded in a large desjardini that had outgrown the others and the tank very quickly)
  • Golden Pygmy angel
  • Copperband butterfly
  • Pair of black ocellaris clowns

Not interested in triggers as cool looking as they are. 

Thinking about:

  • Blue Star leopard wrasse pair
  • watchman goby/pistol shrimp combo
  • Royal dottyback trio

Any suggestions?



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I'm personally a big fan of the wrasses. Haven't seen a lot of the males for sale locally but two people on the site have recently had one if a pair of females morph.

There are a lot of other interesting wrasses that should get along with those tangs fine as well. I have good luck with pretty much everything but six lines. The goby shrimp pair is also a nice option - I think TaylorW was actually looking to sell their pair. 

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