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Frag tank and sump - Vancouver Wa


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Great shape, glass frag tank for sale. Corner overflow. 48x24x13. Made by Aquarium Masters out of California. $215

Sump sold! Also have a real nice custom sump id be willing to sell separately too if interested. Measures 32x18x16. $sold

I have other equipment too, just haven't had time to post up. 
Located in Vancouver Wa.





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3 hours ago, TheClark said:

Are you downsizing Jase? Tell me you are still in the hobby!!?

Eh, thinking about getting out or getting down to a nano/smaller system for a while. Broke down the frag tank a while ago, now just have the 48x30 display, but have fought issues for a while and lost a lot of coral. I probably can't get all the way out, that never seems to work haha

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On 9/3/2017 at 1:47 PM, TheClark said:

Ah, sorry to hear it.  Life gets busy for sure.  

My next steps are gonna be automatic calc/alk/mag maintenance (thank you apex) and automatic algae scraping.  Feels like the hobby will be more enjoyment, less work with those tools.




That would make life a lot easier with auto-ing the big 3! I'll pay close attention to see how that works out as id love to eventually have that!

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