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WTB Frags (Montipora, Zoas, and other easy corals)


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Hi everyone,


It's been a while since I have been on here. I recently made a switch from a 55 to 40g tank and now in search of some corals to get the reef going.


Anyone selling cheap corals? :)

I live in Corvallis. So someone nearby preferably.


Thank you [emoji1]


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Well thank you Andrew, and although I wouldn't go as far as to say everything you want but I do have a number of things that might help you get started in the new stocking process. I will need to make a few frags though. I have a couple things I can throw in as a "Don't Break The Chain" coral such as BiCycleBill's Flower Petal Montipora. Let me see what I can muster together that may be of interest to you.


I also have to cut a Montipora Foliosa with white daisy polyps if you would be interested in that.


Blueberry fields zoa.jpg

Blueberry Fields Zoas


Idaho Grape Montipora


Good ole AOGs. I suppose I should PM you instead of posting away.

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