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Dog/puppy sitter


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Wife and I are trying to find a Dog/pup sitter for our two dogs.  Any one up to this or know of someone? (Trust worthy!!)

It would be for Sunday at 6 am drop off and we would be back in town by 5-6ish or so.  This would have to be at ones place that has AC and has the time to take our 9 week out ever 90mins or so...









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Thanks you all.  My wife signed up on Rover 2 weeks ago and we did meet a Gal she came over for 30 mins.  So she decided to contact her and we are good to go!   Price is not the Issue...it's the finding someone for a Sunday thaunis hard!  

Especially for a 9 week old pup.  




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Well your probably a bit far from me otherwise I would have taken you up on the offer, I'm sure those 2 would have gotten along with our 9 month old Pug puppy, we know all about the 90 Min potty breaks :) just got through all that a few months ago. Though great to hear you found someone.


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12 hours ago, youcallmenny said:

 Obviously going to vary but my wife and I have been hiring sitters through rover.com when we leave.  We have a registered German Shepherd that can't always come with us so we have a sitter we use.  Super cheap and easy to use and they've always done a great job.  Good luck! 

Hey Menny. 

So...how does this work? Tips or no Tips? Tomorrow she's stopping by for 30 min walk and Friday to.  We had to postpone our lost lake trip for next weekend and will take them both to the coast Sunday for an hour or two.  


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Is it all worked in the app or something? (For tip?). We have her booked for Three days and seems Really nice won't be able to tell how she does.  So how can you tell how good they do? 

2 hours ago, youcallmenny said:


If it's a couple days then I'll give them a free days pay for a tip.   Like I said though, we have a big dog that can be a lot of work.  Depends on if you want to use them again.  I tip anyone that performs a service like that though. 


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