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RO water in Eugene?


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Is there anyone in Eugene who could supply me with RO water for a week or so (something like 10 or 15G)?

Our laundry room in being remodeled and despite filling every container I had, I'm starting to run low and suspect my tanks won't last until I can connect up my filter again.


I used to get "RO" water at the LFS and at machines, but it turned out to be worse than the tap water, so I don't want to go that route again!

I have 5 G containers to pick it up with.

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I have seem Josh's tanks and I can assure you the water is fine :P, also if filters are not changed regularly they will GROW bacteria along with trap bacteria, you can figure out the rest from there. In a commercial water output environment they should have a TDS meter on the RO unit.

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Yes, Josh set me up with 10G of water and I hope to have my filter connected again when that runs out.

Otherwise, I can get more from him!


Thanks, Josh! :)


I'll be glad to have the washing machine/dryer back soon, too! Had forgotten how long it takes to do at the laundromat!

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