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Finally brought my 90 gallon reef tank out from storage and set it back up...has been about 9 years since I took it down...blown away by the technological changes in the hobby that have taken place since I last had it up and running, struggling to get caught up...have had it up and running for a few months now....slowly adding fish and corals currently, trying to get the chemistry/water/levels dialed in, etc....just stumbled on this site the other night, and read a ton of good info, so I joined...

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Welcome!  You won't regret joining, I am sure.  Would love to see some pics if you decide to put up a build/tank thread.  I just restarted after about 7 years away and yes, things have definitely changed.  LEDs are much more affordable and sophisticated, a lot of corals have become more common and affordable, new fish that I don't ever recall seeing imported before and, of course, new hardware!  Good luck with the restart.

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