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Please review some VBulliten settings


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I have some information for the admin to consider...


  1. you may want to consider ditching flashchat... it has been found to contain some severe vulnerabilities lately on bigger boards. We may be at risk of having a hacker get our MySQL list of usernames and passwords.
  2. The same issue has been found with the pager system. We almost had a disaster on another board with it. I would recommend ditching it as well.
  3. To replace both of them i would look into a module called Chatbox. it is an active chat module that loads at the top of the forum pages. it also offers the ability to have a mod channel.

if you must have flashchat i would recommend pulling it off of the forum and place it on the website with it's own MySQL database for username and passwords. everyone would have to register seperatley for it but at least it wouldn't compromise the forum.


just some heads up. if you want info on chatbox let me know and i will see what i can get.

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Thanks Twitter,


We have been attacked from the flashchat front before. I looked into chatbox in the past but will do so again. In my opinion, lpp messenger is a waste of time. There are times I don't get my message for a few days. When I get back from vacation I will put some time into this.



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