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Tank Sitter Needed Apr. 22/23


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Hi all,

I will be away from my tank for the first time since it has been up and could use someone with an experienced eye to look in on it over the weekend of April 22nd and 23rd.  Will have someone coming in to feed cats so they should be able to deal with food (will have it measured out) but I would feel better if someone could swing by and make sure there isn't anything going completely haywire or flipped over corals etc. (darn turbo snails!)  Unfortunately, I don't have any handy frags to incentivize with but would be more than happy to reciprocate if/when the need arises and also would gladly introduce you to some great beer at the pub next door..  The tank is a 120 gallon mixed reef with refugium, sump, skimmer, CA reactor, ATO and on a controller so pretty automated.  I am located in inner NE PDX so let me know if you think you might be willing and able. I really think one visit over the weekend would be fine and make me feel a lot better about being away.


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2 hours ago, Stugots said:

I can help with that. Since I'm new here and we haven't met, please PM me to discuss. 

Thanks Stugots!  Someone else actually already volunteered so I think I'm covered but will let you know if that doesn't work out for some reason.

2 hours ago, Emerald525 said:

I would help you Sean but I won't be around that time. It's always nice to have someone who knows tanks to keep an eye on your precious coral.

Thanks Kim! Yes indeed - especially since I have the famous Tierra del Fuego in there right now :shock:  It is looking pretty sweet and happy so not sure I will let Brian take it :EvilGrin:

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