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Looking for a new skimmer on a 75g

city hunter

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My eshopps psl75 pump took a dump on me. FOr the prioce of a replacement, im thinking about just finding a better skimmer. I wasnt very happy with the skimmer to begin with.


Who is making a good skimmer for a 75 to 100g tank right now. I want a low maintenence skimmer. not something thats gonna overflow or underflow half the time. I've been buying used forever, but im thinking I may go new on a skimmer for once.

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Here are some good budget options if you are looking to save a few bucks.

I am a big reef octopus fan, they come up for sale often in the classifieds for a good price.

Another one to look at are the coral box skimmers.  Excellent value for the money, I know of at least a couple nice systems running them.

I run the SRO XP3000 and SRO 5000-INT.  Very happy with both of these.

Good luck on your research, it is a heated topic people definitely have their favorites...


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