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My 80gal Tank


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I getting ready to start up  my tank and wanted to get some feedback on the overflow setup!    I got a killer deal on a 48"L x 24"W x 16" rimless and had some doubt on how to proceed.

 It only comes with a one corner overflow drilled at the bottom of the tank with the 1" drain  and the 3/4" return. I have been doing my research but haven't found much info on other people with

a similar set-up. Most info I found are on tanks that have a middle overflow box and have an extra back up 1" overflow  out the back just in case one of them gets clogged up. The corner overflow in my tank does not have enough  space left to drill another overflow. I could install another overflow box on the other corner and drill the tank not sure what other options I have and do I really need another drain?





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Welcome, congrats on the new tank!

If you cannot add another hole, go with a herbie overflow.





Use the 3/4" for the full siphon, the 1" for the durso.

If you are looking for a some of the safety of the emergency drain, and have a tank controller, read on!

Just add a float switch in the overflow.  When this switch triggers, it turns off the return pump.  



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You basically have two options.  A Durso or a Herbie.  I strongly suggest that you go with TheClark's suggestion of running a Herbie and then run the return over the back of the tank or drill a whole in the back pane. This will give you a silent overflow with a single emergency drain.  If you went with the Durso, you could still get a silent overflow, but there would be no emergency drain which is not something that I personally would run. 

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hey.. if you can fit a down turned set of elbows in there it really helps keeping the noise down. drill a small hole in the top of one. that way it can drain and if something clogs the siphon line the water will rise, block the air hole in the second drain and it will cause a full siphon and drain in an instant.

like this...

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