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FS: Smoking Deal on Tricked Out Biocube!!


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Well I have this rule that if I buy a tank I have to sell one!

i hate to do this because I love biocubes and I love this tank and it was so cheap!!

It comes with everything you see:

Tank , stand ,intank media baskets , heater and return pump.


Price is only 90 dollars!! 

There is a small scratch in the lower left corner. So if you are OCD then it may bother you but doesn't bother me at all and I had to look for it.

Calvin actually sold it to me for 65 dollars but if you price this out you will see why this is such a good deal So I won't let it go for that low out of principle for Matty's hard work in modding this thing!

Howevet since I don't believe  in taking advantage of a friend the extra 25 dollars will go to the club. If you are not a supporting member it will go to your membership.

Either way it means more funds for more raffles!!





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