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Is my 'nems mouth supposed to look like this?


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Came home and my 'nems mouth was wide open so I thought I'd try feeding it  mysis shrimp for the first time. The tentacles kind of 'grabbed' the shrimp and pulled it in and I believe now it's slowly sucking the shrimp into its mouth. Does this look normal? :p



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Does it have it's foot set yet? If it doesn't, it may no eat or may regurgitate it. It's always been recommended to me to not feed nems until they are settled. Sebae's are also notoriously difficult to get settled unless the tank is very established. Good luck with it. 

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They'll do all kinds of strange things, like mine occasionally deflate and I remember the first time one of mine did that I thought for sure it was dying lol. But yeah like someone else said it's a good idea to wait until it's settled.


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