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Briopsis and what you've done to kill it.

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I tied a 40b frag tank into my main system somewhat recently and it started growing briopsis. This is just in the frag tank. Though both tanks share a sump, the returns both go through filter socks. My point is that there isn't one speck of this stuff in my display. It got on my nerves so I did a few things.


1: Got myself a bottle of Kents Tech M Magnesium supplement. I guess it has something that briopsis doesn't like. Definitely a noticeable slowing in growth.


2: Moved three or four pretty macros from the sump and planted them in my frag tank. The hope is it will out compete it.


3: Manual removal of as much of it as possible.


4: Put a Kole Eye Tang in the frag tank. He's little and only him and a pair of fancy clowns live in there. Oh and a flagfin goby with his candy cane pistol shrimp.


So far I think I'm winning pretty quickly but I'm keeping a close eye on this. What have you done to successfully rid yourself of this pest?

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I just finished my 64oz bottle of tech m. I started off at 1290ppm couple days ago and as of a couple of mins ago its at 1540ppm.


This is in 135g and my main fear is i wouldn't have enough and sure enough, nope  :laugh: i knew i should have ordered more. So far i see little to no difference yet




I was just now reading that it may be lithium in the tech m that has the effect on this evil stuff.

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Honestly I think planting large macro colonies in the same tank was the best thing.


Also tying it to ~100 gallon established system probably isn't hurting. I might add this crap popped up during the "green phase" of cycling this frag tank. Little GHA popped up and died, now the briopsis is taking its turn.

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