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Possible frags of forest fire


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I'm thinking of cutting back my forest fire digi. It has grown a few inches in just a couple months. I have very limited space for my sps so I may cut up the colony and keep a big piece. I'd like to see if I get enough interest I'll cut some pieces off, if not, I don't want to lop up such a beautiful piece.

Frags will be big, 3 to 4 inches tall. Here is a pic of the colony


Price would be 40 bucks a cut.


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cool, I have 3 people wanting frags so I will go buy some more glue and plugs tomorrow and cut a few pieces off. It will be a limited amount likely only 3 possibly 4 frags. Right now I have





If anyone else wants in line let me know. I'll cut them Tuesday and you can pick them up whenever you'd like. if you want them to heal in my tank I'm totally fine with that.



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What?! No way!! Of course Man, I'll cut you a piece you can pick it up anytime and of course yours is free 99 :)


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Thanks Buddy.


Ya my colony grew to about 8x8" and 3-5" tall in spots. I saw something wrong, but was busy, couple days later it was gone. Bummer. Grew that thing for 3 years. 

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Frags are cut my big section I tried to keep as one didn't stay as one :( bad for me, good for anyone else who wanted a frag. Price is left to right

40 pending Brian

10 Sold Chris q


40 Sold Rbeyer


40 Sold Klimca



PayPal is the only way I'll hold frags if you cant make it in the next few days. I will hold the corals and let them heal as long as you want/need if they are paid for :) They didn't turn out "tall" but the 40 dollar chunks are solid and have multiple branches!


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