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IM 30L


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Well while building my stand for my 100 gallon the wife says I like the barnwood look and think we need another tank........well here we go again......after having a Fusion 20 and now a 10 with RFAs in it I said ok lets do the 30L.


Tank dimensions are 36x15x13 and is a AIO as I wanted simple since it will be primarily a softie tank.

Ghost skimmer from IM

Intank baskets

MP10 in the future and maybe upgrade the return as it is a little noisy.

Light is the Corona from Rapid LED thanks to Rudy at Golden Basket Reef


Off to the pics...........


Simple 2x3 stand IMG_2591.jpg


Skinned in some reclaimed barnwood IMG_2630.jpg


DJ strip for simplicity as I am not putting a APEX or controller on this IMG_2655.jpg


After moving the furniture around a few times it finally found a home and started to add things. IMG_2670.jpg


All filled and the dust has settled.......now the wait begins......IMG_2680.jpg

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