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ID on this macro please


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Not sure what it is but I have a big chunk growing in my fuge. No issues at all and its a nice color so let it grow. Beats the green stuff........


Eclipse I have some I can get you but am in the Couve........let me know next time you are heading to a local store and maybe can meet up.

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I sent the pic to a macro friend and she said needle brush. It can be invasive and does stick to rock but easy to pull off. Like I said I have a 5 inch ball in my fuge and so far nothing had popped up in the display.

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This here is cotton candy algae and it looks strikingly similar to what the OP has shown, I have never heard of needle or brush in the marine aquarium but i have in the fresh water world and its not good.




As you can see not only has it enveloped the coral frags in this picture but also the egg crate itself. Very few things will eat it and it can spread via a tiny little shred. It is also very good at out competing other algaes hence growing over any rough surface.




This is gracilaria with its more cylindrical growth and less pinnate structure, it is also usually a larger algae specimen in general than the cotton candy algae.


I do love my macro algae but if it turns out to be cotton candy I would part ways with it and get a different red algae to take its place.

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