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Corals for sale


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1st up is a good sized zoa rock, not sure of what they are but they look nice 40 bucks for the entire rock f5c01fe52a77a97ea3615a6fd7db213b.jpg its about 6 inches long


Frag of candy cane, this one was an accident while relocating the colony:( 15 bucks- Sold f9aca513571d6292734e533a91d29719.jpg


Big frogspawn apx 6 to 8 heads 30 bucks- Sold



about a 4 pound rock, super purple, ton of coraline, orange bam bams, 2 rics, could easily cut the xenia off, some other zoas as well and a maxi mini nem. 50 bucks-Pending pickup d3281dacbb45a6d36d45be91bf953be2.jpg


probably more to come while i rearrange things


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im home most of the day tomorrow Kim, im in oregon city if youd like to swing by and check out the tank you can. Feel free to shoot me a text 5032674537


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I could stop by Thursday or Friday but tomorrow won't work for me! I definitely want to see your tank though.

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