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Hey all,


My name is Nathan and I live in Portland. I have been lurking a lot recently contemplating getting into the hobby and was stuck with the bug. A fellow member and good friend found me a great deal and a starting tank and here I am. I will be starting the clean up process and will document the entire process along the way in the correct forum. Just wanted to say hey and introduce myself. And thanks in advance for at advice you may lend on my journey.





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Welcome to PNWMAS :) there are tons and tons of awesome people on here that can help you very step of the way! What size tank do you have and what kinds of corals do you plan to keep?:)



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Welcome to the forum and the hobby.


Soon I will be breaking down my current tank to make room for the upgrade tank which will be sps dominant. I will be using new rock and 99% of whats in the current tank will hit the classified ads and craigslist. If you want a great deal on some established rock covered in coral send me a PM.



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Thanks for all the welcomes. I will definitely keep an eye out on the classifieds. I picked up a 29 gallon biocube that's in pretty rough shape. Will be cleaning that up and making it rimless as its missing some pieces to the hood. But can't beat $55 for tank and stand.


I haven't decide on too many corals yet. I love lots of color and movement. I want a pair of clowns to host an anemone and probably some torches zoas and some colorful mushrooms.


I'm hoping my 3 year old will become as interested as I have in the hobby as he grows. Just gotta keep his fingers of of the tank. It's gonna be a slow process but it's starts this afternoon and will be making a build thread on it.


Again thanks for the warm welcome.


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