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Any of you have chitons that you're willing to spread?


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Chitons are molluscs that have segmented shells on their backs, and I have heard that they're great for keeping the tank clean! Unfortunately, it's particularly hard to find them for sale! So I was wondering whether there was anyone here who would be willing to give me some when I start my tank in a few months?

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I have some somatellas that are very similar to abalone but much much smaller, and I have very small chitons that are maybe the size of a pencil eraser, limpits too. When the system is up and running I am sure another club member or myself can throw some starters your way. 

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One of our Sponsors, Reef Cleaners, has Fuzzy Chitons. Ask if you can get a price break for buying quantities. They also have Group Buys. https://www.reefcleaners.org/aquarium-store/fuzzy-chiton

That's pretty cool! However, I was looking for a variety of chitons, so my request still stands! As long as they're not predatory, I want them!
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