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New DaStaCO Calcium Reactor Contender


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If you read about the EU TOTMs, then you know what a DaStaCo calcium reactor is.


They work without a PH probe using only a peristaltic pump and a float in the CO2 reaction chamber (honestly I still cannot say I 100% understand how).


The downside?  They are unbelievably expensive.


Well competition in general is a good thing, and has answered.


Pacific Sun is making a much more reasonable priced version.  


Read about it here:





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With all the new tech coming out or being improved my son will have it easy. I am a don't fix whats not broken kinda guy, and I am good at fixing things, so I don't upgrade often only when necessary. But I cannot say that I am not envious of all the dosers, reactors, wi fi, custom acrylic sumps, DC auto swabie skimmers, and various controllers out there.

I am jut living in the past.


But this technology here is pretty futuristic, I mean no more needle valves or PH probe? just an optic sensor detecting dissolved CO2 linked to a paristalic pump and a visual readout on a screen...And only $1000 ready to go wich is actually pretty cool.

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