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Tempted to sell my Racing FPV Quadcopter


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I have quadcopter I built from scratch which is 95% for FPV racing. Only thing you need is a Camera because the camera I use is sort of like a go pro. I have plenty of extra 6040 gemfan props and 2 battery buzzers. This is RTF. $450 is what I would like but definitely negotiable. Current picture isn't up to date, all wiring from escs are hidden and sealed. 






Here are some pics during the build








Here is the frame it is on




Here are the Motors 




ESC's are Afro 12amps


Flight Controller is a mini cc3d. 


TX/RX is a Devo7


4 Batteries, 2 2000mah 45c-55c 2 1300 mah 55c-90c


Video Transmitter is a 200Mw and I use this for my monitor, http://www.amazon.com/Eachine-LCD5802S-Receiver-Suitable-Nighthawk/dp/B014IVSKGW/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1461027267&sr=1-1&keywords=fpv+monitor


I can send more pics too 503-929-8754


I am not sure if I even want to sell this but if I can get close to what I am asking I might be interested. I just have too many hobbies. 

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I have too many haha why are all the cool ones so expensive? Why can't I just go on a walk or something and be satisfied with life.


(not for sale)


(not for sale)



(already consumed but let me know if you want one)


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