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Plumbing help!!


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Does anyone know how much flow 1" bean animal style can handle? I have a tank with three 1" predrillled holes for over flow! Setting up bean animal drain but i wonder should i drill two 3/4" or two 1" for return! Looking at 3000g rating for return pump! Please give me some advices tia!

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I ran a bean animal on my 70 cube, I had 2 3/4 inch returns with a 2000gph return I believe, and it was fine, I could have gone even bigger on the return if I wanted. Right now I have a single 1 inch drain with the dcs9000 at 60 percent so it's pushing probably 1400 Ish gph to a 3/4 inch return and it's perfect. I'd say dual 3/4 inch will be fine, plus if you're going to use locline it's nearly impossibly to find in 1 inch.


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Son. Two 3/4" are perfect for the SCA 150 I would do 1" drains however. I would always prefer to have more drain if needed. I'm running two 3/4" returns on my two hundred with a dcs15000 which is rated at 3400 but I'm prob really pushing 1800 after head loss and necking down the return too quick Mimi have pump turned all the way up and have to close my returns with gate valves because they handle more than needed to quiet it up. I'm going to swap to a Reeflo dart I think or change my plumbing to correct 2" from pump and see if that gets more tank turn over.


Also remember that the more tank turnover you have....the less dwell time for the skimmer to do its job as water is moving too fast and will also be noisy in sump I'm guessing.


Btw I have 4 1" drains but only using 3 total. I think a 1" will handle about 750 at full siphon

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