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Maxspect Gyre complete running system,


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I went to smaller one on my tank since my friend gave me his. I  only used this for week was a beast.  This is the Maxspect Gyre 150 used for a week asking $235 will consider couple frags for swap as well as part payment + cash




Have any questions let me know as well Considered brand new still pretty much.


Has the controller, Power supply unit the Gyre pump Module, and spare rotors and flow Cages  Plus the Manual


Also a metal looking case it comes with and everything in the pic is now in the case and back in that box ready to go.

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None the less still a great pump!


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ya i have a 130 in there the 150 is to big i paid 300 for this its a steal for someone.


I also have another 130 im saving for a tank down the road but selling this 150 and yes its still a beast of a moving plus all the control functions are nice!!

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did you get the 130 or 150? Big Difference but even if you got the 150 you can tons and tons of options you can do on these things

I went with the 150 tank has a lot of depth so I'm hoping it doesn't blow everything apart lol. If all else fails I have a RW8 as well for backup


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