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LKF transformer masterpiece prime


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Ohhh those were the days! When the writers of kid shows were on on acid!

To make your "point" https://www.google.com/#q=the+point+cartoon A little Ringo Starr and others pitched in on this movie.


For the longest time I could never find this show because I thought it was called me and my arrow like the Nielson song. The song is used in the movie but not the name of it.

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I was hoping to find some link to some crazy sick acro-you know how that naming game goes :)

GL with the search-if you want I may be able to dig out an HR Stuff-n-Puff, Im sure you'd need to google it since its way before your little whipper snapper days ;)

Lol it would be a cool name for coral thank you sir
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