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And the winnner is..................


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In late May I posted this thread;




that consisted of the below


I've entered a picture of one of my Acans in Reef2Reef's photo of the month contest that can be found here


Granted as much as I'd love you to vote for mine there are lots of nice pics and I don't want to ask someone to vote for something they don't think is worthy. I would however appreciate anyone who is on that forum to take a look and if you think my pic is vote worthy than please vote for it :clap:

You are able to vote for more than one picture too.

Here is the voting link


That's for looking :)          



I later went on to add I would draw a winner for a frag of those who voted, regardless of who they voted for, well I wont go into details but I'll say Ive been a little busy as of late but I just did the drawing-thank you random number generator




and the winner was jadams7- Congrats Jace, I thnk I still have your cell from a  few years back :thumbs: if not I know where I can find ya :huh:


and this will be the pack (emphasis on will be, as I'm still a little busy and wont frag for at least a week)


Tyree red dragon
Tyree blue matrix
Mattv Super Sour
Oregon Tort


Thanks to all :drinking:

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I totally missed this thread a while back  :comp:


Anyway, picked up these beauties from Brad yesterday. 

HUUUUGE thanks man! Awesome corals, and a great setup you have. Top notch stuff. Great guy if anyone ever gets the chance to buy some of his stuff, I highly recommend it. 

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