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Hatfield Marine Science Center and OCC Meeting Pic Heavy!!


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First just wanted to say thanks Sid and Dr. Tim Miller- Morgan for taking time out on your busy weekend to show us around. I hope to see you again next June! :clap: 


Dr. Tim is a DVM and a wealth of knowledge and knows a great deal about a lot of things in this hobby.  He is a certified aquatic veterinarian. I hope to have him come talk for us one day about common marine fish diseases.


Here is his contact information if you have questions:


Timothy J Miiller-Morgan DVM, CertAqV



Here are the pictures:


Holly and Mike chatting before the tour began:






Our fearless leader! President John Manrow!





Our fearless leader! Robert (in the middle) aka Bert aka BadxGillen getting him back for all the stealth camera pics he does! :)





Angela being a good sport when I warned I was going to be THAT annoying person snapping a lot of pictures! Papparazzi!





That's Sid who gave a nice tour. Quite pleased that we had a good showing of people! (I guess there was only 3 last year.. :wacko: ) Thanks again Sid!







Nice touch tanks!









Say cheese!







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On to the tour. This first classroom is more for education of schools for field trips. Pretty cool field trip! Much better than the bakery that I went to.

Hatfield is all about education which is so important to engage the next generation of reefers! 




I loved the tennis balls on the chairs!   :) Just shows that they have limited funds and make do with what they have!









That's Eclipse looking at the tanks. Sid said "touch anything you want with your EYES" all I heard was TOUCH ANYTHING YOU WANT   :) 







That's Sirena! No forum name or login yet but that will change!







That's Louis aka fishoutofwater in the green and in the red shirt in the very back is catfish! Very nice to meet both of you!





Hatfield is celebrating 50 years! Pretty impressive!  :clap: 








That is Dr. Tim Miller Morgan! Very brilliant man! Quite the honor to talk to him!






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Veterinary students from OSU come down to learn about taking care of aquatic life











Surf's up dude!






What are you looking at? 












Liked this sign because it shows they have a sense of humor!  :) 





This was tour number one and then we went to Oregon Coast Community College More pics to come!













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On to Oregon Coast Community College! This is just down the road from Hatfield. They take about 20 students and you can either get a one year certificate if you have a B.S degree or a 2 year program! A few of our forum members have gone through this program and upon graduation 94% of the students find a job in the industry within 6 months! This is a nationally and internationally renowned program and we are lucky to have this so local to us. 


They are going to start accepting foreign students because there is such demand internationally. 


This is an awesome program so young and old alike if you ever wanted to make a career out of this hobby. This is the place for you!















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Imagine if this was your college classroom! This beats the heck out of that organic chemistry lab I did! 


Dr. Tim was telling me that every year they get companies from the industry who come down and visit and provide their input about practical training.





Nothing like an established aquarium!








Like the hobby they are mostly going to LEDS Sid was telling me that they do pump in water from the coast but also students are taught to mix their own saltwater for practical experience so they learn how to do as much as possible.




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This is a Kreisels. This was built and donated by James from Envision Acrylics. This is a work of art. Those of you who want a masterpiece acryclic tank. James has been doing this for years.  I thought I recognized his handiwork. Really good guy. I miss his presence on the forum here.


This is from his website:

Our jellyfish tanks have a well deserved reputation for structural integrity, ease of use, and value. Having started this company with jelly tanks in mind, we have built more of them than virtually anyone on the planet. You can find our work in such aquariums as Oregon Coast Aquarium, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and New England Aquarium just to name a few. Several years ago, we decided to also start keeping jellies in house in order to better understand the functionality of these tanks and have made many improvements to previous designs that provide added safety and convenience without extra expense.










Students learn everything they need to work in the industry. They even have classes on power tools and plumbing which as of all of us know is also a big part of this hobby!





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On to the final part of the tour!





I have always found it amusing as high tech that this industry can be, we still use flower pots for clownfish breeding:






Marine Betta! A beauty of a fish! This one knew how good it looked! :)




Future shark tank! Those of you who want sharks they need a lot of space. Dr. Tim was telling me that I had heard that round tanks were the best but for some shark they actually need a very asymmetric tank for their movement or they end up dying.




Bert asking Dr. Tim what his horoscope will be this month.








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More pictures!







Students have a state of the art lab for water testing! All the fanciest equipment! Wouldn't that be nice! They use spectrometers but also use commercial test kits so students are familiar with those as well. They have also found that the accuracy can be mixed and one student did a study where even within the same box the reagant strips would test differently.





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They also have a food prep area. This really is a well designed curriculum!








And just a few shots of the barbecue afterwards! By this time, I was tired of taking pictures so there isn't many! :)


Vandals actually broke the grils... :cussing: but Bert and John made it work! In this hobby you are used to rigging things to make them work! :)







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Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site is a nice, and convenient picnic area. We will just need to bring our own BBQ Grills next time. I did make verify that there were grills there when I called. No doubt the Parks Dept. receptionist was unaware of the vandalism. Many places have a small $5 fee.This area has free day use, and does not have rangers patrol the area.

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Looks like a great time was had. Glad to see that there was a much larger turn out from last year. Great job to the current leadership on getting this setup and really getting people involved.

Did you go last year Jesse?


And John it was a beautiful park right off the beach. It was too bad about the grills but it worked out just fine.

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Did you go last year Jesse?


And John it was a beautiful park right off the beach. It was too bad about the grills but it worked out just fine.

No I wanted to go the past few years but there was always something going on. Yesterday was my sons 11th bday party. Crazy to believe he's 11 now



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No I wanted to go the past few years but there was always something going on. Yesterday was my sons 11th bday party. Crazy to believe he's 11 now



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Well then maybe next year. Yes I can't believe Dennis is 14 and Danielle is off to college. Warning though this tour will make you want to go back to school! ????

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Why did my university not have that program when I was a wee lad? Looks like an amazing opportunity for up and coming aquarists.


It's never too late to go back to school Isaac! If you have a bachelor of science you can do the one year program and get a certificate. :) They are actually talking about having some online classes because I thought it would be cool just to do a day long of classes about fish diseases, etc. :)

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