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Bigger small sump


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I'm restarting my 60 gallon cube build. :drinking:


The problem is I think my current sump that I have is just a bit small.  It is 18 x 10.  With my skimmer and return pump in there it is a tight fit.  Both of them are touching the sides of the sump and there is no room for anything else or much water for that matter.


I have been looking on line but I can find only smaller sumps or ones that are just too big to fit under my stand.  The absolute max is 23 x 14 and of course I don't want to max out under my stand either :doh:


Anyone have any leads on a good sump in the my dimension range?


Thanks for the help

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Yeah get ahold of wannareef!!!



Is he still around?  I'll have to try and contact him


Eric the owner of petworks here in Longview has a cnc and he builds custom tanks also he does a good job he built my sump.


Thanks for the heads up.  Will look in to it.

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