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I think I will try to find one or two for my tank I would love to try them out

I bought mines from ATK aquatics in hillsboros. I know it is a bit far for you through, if you go there, call ahead. The Mangroves are not always in stock. They are revamping their saltwater section, so they presently do not have much in stock for the saltwater lovers.

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My lighting is going to remain the same With leds ..

I got my mangrove on ebay 5 for 20 bucks... I will have 8 leds when I'm done setting up all tanks. ...

4 leds over display Tank. Two leds over sump and two over refuge...


but currently over this 55 I have two. But they will end up going into my 55 gallon refuge...



So all in all. I will have a 120 display... with 55 gallon sump behind holding about half with water of course.... then a 55 gallon refuge with mangroves and other plant life with sea horses. ... then also connecting my grow out clown fish tank when I breeding to sump. But those I run t5 and aren't always going. ..

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be sure when you get them on Ebay that they are salt acclimated before putting them into the tank.. either buy them that way or slowly increase the salinity from normal tap till they are ready for full reef.. 

I made this mistake of putting in fresh trees and they shrunk up and died on me

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