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A helping hand, or, maybe fin


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Last month Jenn and I went to the Big Island to get married and enjoy some long overdue R&R. On friday the 13th, our wedding day, we got up in the morning and went out on a boat to find and swim with some of the local spinner dolphins. The go out to sea at night to feed and then in the morning they head back to the island to gather and rest in the coves around the island. We encountered a rather large pod, 30 or so individuals, complete with adults and some juveniles. They swam through us, under us and around us. All this time they are actually sleeping while slowly moving up the coast to meet up with other pods at Kailua bay. At one point, three individuals began to get separated from the pod. One of the dolphins simply wouldn't have this so it reached out to another and gently grabs the others fin and gives it a tug to get everyone back on track. This was a truly magical time in the water.


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