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New to Beaverton


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Hello all, My name is Nic and my wife and i will be moving to the beaverton area mid May,  i wanted to get a head start on gathering info on local fish stores and the local selection so i can get an idea on starting my tank.  Ive been reefing for about 6 years and currently have a 40gal breeder with a mixed LED DIY lighting.  I plan on starting from scratch so any advice on local places or if i can get live rock from locals cheeper than a LFS that would be great! Looking forward to the move and getting my tank up and running again,  

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Welcome to Beaverton. I live near the Murray and scholls ferry road intersection in Beaverton. Closest reef store is probably upscales and cuttlefish and corals. You can always find deals here in the classifieds or Craigslist.



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if you want some good LR try people on here who have some extra.. Or World of Wet Pets in Beaverton always have a couple hundred lbs I believe.. They are also really good for a CUC..

Upscales also has a lot of nice rock. and a lot of coral.. not to mention some nice fish..

But if you want some top of the line super nice fish and coral.. You have to go to Cuttlefish and Coral in N Portland.


There is also a new place down in Tigard/Tualatin that just opened, Im planning on checking out, I hear they have a great coral selection also.

Welcome to the neighborhood.. keep me in mind for zoas if you want some.. 

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Welcome to the PNWMAS. It's been nine years since I made the move, I landed in Beaverton originally as well, just moved outta there 6 months or so ago, but I am in that area often. 


I have a ton of extra rock that I was going to use for a project and ended up scrapping the project. I've kept it in an aerated 75g since September. Way more then enough to fill your 40g. When you get settled hit me up and I'll hook ya up. 


Upscales and Cuttlefish are the two businesses in the area that I do most of my business with. There are several other stores in the area as well. 

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