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mars aqua led


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Mars aqua leds.

Lowest setting 15 inches over tank 55 gallon.. seems need to be high up. Anemone. Ric mushrooms and star polyps hammer head love the light. Amenome and acans and polyps seems to not opening after 5 days.. even on lowest. Hope they get use to it soon.


Below is the lights. Then next is the tank with only acnics on lowest setting. ThE third picture is how my anemone normally looks. And fourth is a picture of how my anemone likes the leds after 5 days





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I've started the actinic for about 3 hours and all is good. Then I add the day lights on lowest setting. Then everything hides. Use them for about two hours then two hours of just Actinic again. Then lights out.

Mind you I've just switched over 5 days asgo.ago. .


Sad story though. I also in 5 days lost my mandarin dragnet that I've had for two years. And a emerald crab. And the only thing that has change is lighting. All my parameters are still great. Think my Manson didn't eat after I changed lightning. He just hid. Asks not sure on the emerald. . Maybe he tried to eat the mandrin. Cause all my other live, stock is still wonderful. My pygmy angel and clowns goby asks pistol shrimp, and tang ate out and about and happy.

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