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Pods? Or cyclopoze?


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My clown goby and red banded goby which was once thought dead only pick off the rocks all day..


Any ideas of what food to convert them over on for frozen? I tried the cube version of cyclopeze and they let it drift by. Brine maybe, then Frozen brine?


I'm looking for a culture of tigger pods and phyoto I can grow I guess if no one has a better idea.. I think Garrett at TPA sells bottles of them but I was looking for closer options..

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I have a pair in scooter dragonets in a holding tank. I'm feeding them some live copepods and they are just now beginning to pick at frozen copepod cubes.  At feeding time I turn off the filter and  add some frozen first, then add live. They will learn this feeding response. I always have a powerhead or air stone for circulation while the filter is off. I have a sponge filter in my holding tank,  so circulation is not a problem.


I can bring you some live copepods(starter culture, not enough to feed) and live phytoplankton at the Meet & Greet this Sunday. I will also have some starter rotifers.

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